People have been drawn to Lake Toxaway since 1903 when it was a playground for the Ford, Rockefellers, Edisons and other famous families. (See more about Lake Toxaway’s history here)

Lake Toxaway is Western North Carolina’s largest private lake, located at a 3010 foot elevation.  With 14 miles of shoreline and 640 acres, this lake has pristine, drinkable quality water.  The lake boasts a constant water level achieved by over a hundred streams and springs that fed the lake.  Even in the extreme and exceptional drought of 2007 our water level was at full pool.  Lake Toxaway is popular for boating, fishing, skiing, sailing and many other water sports.  This private lake does not allow jet skis.  

The second lake here is Lake Cardinal, a 65 acre, extremely private lake.  This lake offers great fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and electric motor boating. 

Today, Lake Toxaway is a prestigious resort destination with not only Western North Carolina’s largest private lake but also a country club, golf learning center, a world class golf course, tennis, fishing, great hiking and varied outdoor activities

Lake Toxaway is surrounded by State and National Forests and Parks.  Bordering the 5000 acres of Lake Toxaway Estates is the 10,000 acre Panthertown Valley Wilderness Area, part of the Nantahala National Forest, the 11,000 acre Gorges State Park, and the Pisgah National Forest.  All of these parks and forest offer abundant opportunities to hike, view waterfalls, mountain bike, fly fish, camp and even hunt. (See Activities)  

Lake Toxaway is blessed to have a very temperate climate.  Our average daytime high in July is 75 degrees.  The average nighttime low in July is 55 degrees.  The average daytime high in January is 51 degrees with an average nighttime low in January of 27 degrees.  We have an average annual rainfall of 80 inches and usually three snowfalls of 5 inches per year. 

Because of the combination of altitude, semi-rainforest precipitation, location in the Southern most point of the Appalachian Mountains, and the temperate climate of cool summers and mild winters, there are 1500 types of vegetation, including trees, flowers, grasses, vines, ground cover, etc.  Also gracing our forests and skies are ruffed grouse, wild turkeys, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, white tail deer, black bear, black panthers, mountain lions, and bobcats.  This is definitely a place to enjoy the best the Mother Nature has to offer.

Come joins us here in these beautiful mountains and start a legacy of memories with your family!

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